"A 3rd Will Come, and We Shall Find Inner Peace and Tranquillity."

We have attained a new level...of Serenity.

After weeks of planning, hard work, and emotional set-backs, I've finally finished it. The 3rd has ARRIVED!!!!!

Ladies and Gentle-Audiotoolers, I give you "Serenity 3"!!! The 3rd and Final installment in the SERENITY Series. In my opinion this completely trumps both the PRIME and CHRONOS series on sheer emotion alone. The Original "Serenity" started out as a song that i had dedicated to a close friend of mine and it was also my first remix competition. It was a groundbreaking emotional masterpiece and was my most successful track and still is to date. It was so popular that I decided that it needed a sequel. That's when i made "Serenity 2". That was the first "Gravistep" track I'd ever made and now it's genre we all know and love. Now 6 months later we've reached the end of our journey with the 3rd Serenity. It still has the same emotion from the original, now updated to my current "Gravistep" format.

I would like to thank you guys so much for staying with me this long. There are great people on this site that have given me good feedback and constructive critisim. Whether you are listening to the 1st, 2nd, 3rd Serenity, or any other track of mine, I hope that I've made you smile in some way. Thank You Audiotool :)


I'm okay with you guys remixing this, but as long as the title stays as [Serenity 3("Your Name" Remix]. If I even see that someone has made a remix called "Serenity 4", I WILL FRIGGEN NUKE A CONTINENT >:0. But Seriously, This the 3rd and Final Serenity. There's not gonna be a 4th...EVER


We break our restraints in, "FREEDOM"

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