Here's a little something I made during

r e a l

a u d i o t o o l

h o u r s

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  • i had to scroll down so far to see a song that wasn't on the charts

  • Damn. I'm glad you pinned this one. So smooth

  • b i g

    r e f a v

  • Man, those subtle drum variations are groovin'!

  • this definitely put me in a state of flux; this is awesome

  • ;-; poor me

    • oops didn't mean this to be a diss ahaha sorry Donny

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  • I love how clippy the snare is, even though it is not.

  • you're so underrated my dude keep it up

  • Hey Tycho ;) sick man, dunno how I never listened to this

  • w a v y

  • myfavorite is when lebowski gets drugged and there's a musical involving lady bowling pins

    • the song played during that scene is one of my favorites

    • i need to watch it again i love these kind of movies

    • Such a great film! I love whenever he talks about his rug

  • hottest, simply cant wait for more :)

  • oh damn

  • oof

  • I want to board an airplane listening to this