Cover of track Skrillex-Monsters and Sprites(Klou Remix) by Klou
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Klou, Skrillex-Monsters and Sprites(Klou Remix)


The only samples i used: Drums,Vocals including OMG, Snippits of the monster bass and horn.

Everything else was entirely made by me, i even made my own monster bass although not as refined as Skrillex's.

How I made the lead synth:

Pulv. -> Only turn on OSC 1 and 2. Tune OSC 1 "-6" and OSC 2 "+6". Both saw waveforms. Spread the panning to desire. Then go to the LFO and Turn on TRIGGER and PWM ONLY(the others must be off). Set wave form to "Saw", rate to : "100", and depth to +90%. Turn glide to 20.

Of coarse turn down release, and decay as desired. Then adjust Resonnance amd spacing to desire

Chords were super easy im sure anyone can figure it out.

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