Cover of track Something Lurks There... (PDP/VFST Complex Remix) by DJVFST
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DJVFST, Something Lurks There... (PDP/VFST Complex Remix)


~RUN!!!! FRIKKIN RUN!!! It is not safe, for Something Lurks There, and that Something is DANGEROUS!~

Well, here's what the title of the last uploaded song was alluded to. This time it's a lot more complex, as said in the title here, and a lot scarier rather than soothing. This is the third and final song of the imaginary Halloween Album, and, who knows, I might even make it an album soon and post it on my SoundCloud account.

So, yeah, enjoy this one, all you Halloween folks, and next time it'll be back to publishing non-scary songs. I'm really behind here, so expect the next two songs to be something that should have been up two months ago. So yeah. Toodles!

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