New Vocals, FX, Pads and Mixing

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  • Ugh refav~~~~

  • .......stilll awsm

  • well, you made me come back here, and i do agree it's one of your best! refav :)

  • a class of your own

  • My voice was these days kind of croaky. But I wanted to record the middle part nevertheless.

    I was surprised of the result. My voice sounded like having spend a long night with drinking whiskey and smoking everything into bits......but great! :-)

  • if my memory of the old track is correct, then i like the new changes! :) it was really nice to come back to these calming chords and a nice vocal! refav! :)

  • like an hero

  • <3 <3 <3 <3

  • Sounds very polished! I really like the melody too.

  • <3

  • The atmosphere in this track is amazing!

    ...and the vocals are absolutly great man!

    Need definitely more of this sound on Audiotool!

  • Fantastic.

  • just what i want to hear at 1.20 AM. feels very emotional. thank you for this music..

  • Lovely atmosphere here!

  • Awesome track!