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  • classic

  • love

  • refav

  • Good fucking times

  • tfw when you click on his name and all that stares you back is 404 .

    one year wow i remember when this first dropped prob 1500 0f 3000 are mine

    • haha sorry mane ;c working on restoring it

  • Really chill! i love this soo much! I wish I could make this kinda stuff on Audiotool!

  • absolutely gorgeous, you honestly outdid yourselves on this guys. i still remember when this came out like it was yesterday, still holds up to today's sound design. <33 much love

    • refave...obviously xD

  • refaved

  • Time flies, and now Bud is gone. Fuck me.

  • your synths can be better tho

  • bruh i find it hella crazy how you use the Infyuthsion pianos

  • oh man, these were the days c':

  • amazing

  • Republished

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  • I remember this draft like it was yesterday <3