>You find yourself lost in a suspicious factory full of acid and radioactive material.

>There are hazards everywhere in sight.

>You are struggling to find the exit.

[Made in 7/8 to give this a sense of uncertainty]

[[Loop Start 2:26 ]]

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  • This is still one of my all-time favorites

  • Listening to this again takes me back

  • holy shiznit this is radical

    not in like the communist manifesto way either

  • Stfu mom I’m listening to acid factory

  • Me and the boys getting radiation sickness while listening to this song

  • this track really is one of your strongly chorded ones

    I mean, fuck, I just feel something when I listen to this

    really melancholic and shit

    this will always be a great ass track in my eyes

  • Could definitely see this in a Sonic level

  • HELL YEAH! funky time signature stuff is my FUCKING JAM

  • still good stuff (:

  • I applaud you for using an uncommon time signature. It does add to the weird feeling of not knowing what to expect.

    I can geek over this all day.

  • im very glad that chiptune isn't a dead genre even though it isn't mainstream yet

  • incredible work.. i'm really speechless

  • some mega man type stuff going on here

  • omfg this is so good!

  • This is nice.