Synth Stuff.

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  • EXCELENT......

  • refave

  • Reminds of the solo synth in "With You, Friends (Long Drive)"

  • I like the chiptunes :D

  • A+ u win a cookie

  • Now 14 plays. My 4-year-old daughter asked to hear "Stardrops" (by name) twice today..... While I was working on my own track, mind you. From the mouths of babes...

  • So in love with this track... I think I've contributed to at LEAST 12 of the plays counted. Would love to hear more like this on AT.

  • this is better than electron

  • 179 favorites in one month....................... that must be awesome

  • this is outragously cool :~)

  • This is just pure madness straight for the 80's ! and what a crystal-clear sound !!

  • I'm sure I faved this when you published.......anyway, as always amazing stuff! :)

  • Omg that solo! How does one note track that???

  • Oh my goodness this is so vibrant, excellent musicality... extremely profound sound.. !!

  • Wow! Great submission, especially considering the genre. ;) Great work! :)