"The moment between samsara/nirvana. space between the tear and the corner ofa smile . the smile, and looking away. Subtle changes indeed . inside and outsude . individual/universal. asleep/awake. no comment and a word of encouragment. right now , and then. and now . subtle changes"


do you ever think about how small , subtle changes can have such a huge impact on things?

I did.

That is what inspires this track

How small things can have such a huge impact on what we know

For instance

what would things be like on earth if we were just a few sublte miles closer to the sun.

I imagine things would be a lot different

I wonder how many wars were made simply because of a sublte thought a person had.

or how a bunch of subtle changes in ones life over the course of time has such a significant impact on how they live in the present.

I try to capture these subtleties in this track,

small changes one at a time that make all the diffence in how things sound over all

just something to think about while listening to this track

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Faves and follows are great but comments and shareing is where its at :)

I love you Audio Tool

Edit :

I added a comment that Dronalpha wrote because it was pure art

i brought out the plucked synth and turned up thehe mid Atmosphere synth

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    JeAnne (DJ JeAnne)

    Nice track ! :)

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    Thanks for linking, this is awesome :D

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    Молодец. хороший синкоп....

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    Uprising you are a genius man :)

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    if any one knows could you tell me on my wall

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    where inthyusions rmx gone

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    a very pure music, it's nice to listen, and not aggressive!

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    Very great sound and music. I'm having flashbacks to Bill Leeb and Rhys Fulber (Delirium, Synasthesia ......). Good Work :)

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    Pure Awesome!!!!!!!!!

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    Picture this, the T.V. is jumping through pictures of this earth, the every day movement, people walking in new york, cars driving through the city, signs flashing, flowers blooming, glaciers melting, tree being torn down, faces changing from young to old, trees losing leaves, planets orbiting, all flashing by so quickly you barely have a chance to think before the next picture.

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    ⁶ ₆ ⁶ svmmit ₆ ⁶ ₆

    nice intro man. great work, keep it up

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    Cool track! A bit hypnotic...

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    Cool beat and nice track

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    thank you every one :) it is very nice to have two tracks at the top of the week list

    But i would not be able to enjoy that if you guys didnt support me soo much

    This is awsome guys and i wont forget it !