Inspired by jon hopkins and kepz. I tried to make a track with a huge atmosphere and build, something that sounds vast. the pad is made up of many layers, the very top layer is a vocal pad I made in logic. anyway after a while of not making anything, today I decided to commit to a track.


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  • has that Hopkins feel

  • what the fuck

  • @E-trim yesssss thank you for showing and putting this in that album it was worth the listen <3 just thankss man !

  • I'mma attempt to open this again; wish me luck.

  • omg man. This is beyond awesome. Love the pad man. Not even gonna try to open this track cus my computer already crashes after putting two melodies in a track :)

    There should be more of this on AT

  • you and kepz need to collab and make a sexy trance track

  • refav....

  • Great track

  • You capture feelings/emotions in your music. So it washes over the listener in a good way. Having often stood on top of 14,000 foot peaks, your music here reflects somewhat the wonder in such views....

  • This song is entracing. I mean, instant download!

  • The perfect mix of chill ambient build up and absolutely bangin' drop/peak/whatever you want to call it :D

  • Astounding!!!!!!

  • Reaaaaally feeling this man! Amazing track! I just saw Jon Hopkins couple nights ago too!

  • Amoeba no!!!! We need your music!