Cover of track Synthphony by ntjon
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ntjon, Synthphony


Synthesized Symphony is the concept... With various movements (musical themes). A tribute to all victims of bombings and wars. I used samples of Looperman and template by Yixdee (Drums and bass only) as a basis. Thanks Yixdee, Looperman and all contributors!

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    tornsage about 6 years ago

    reading a book on ceasar in gaul and this matches the tome big time hahaha

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    Spectrum about 6 years ago

    its an angry song ;p

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    ntjon about 6 years ago

    Thank you all!

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    Olondro about 6 years ago

    yes somehow it could be a synthphonie for a serie on tv, I agree with hellomynameis!

    greets O.

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    dtmm (old: hellomynameis) about 6 years ago

    i really like how you include different "movements", but the initially string melody shows up a couple times