Cover of track Tavi's Brink of Insanity by XculE
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XculE, Tavi's Brink of Insanity


Heeelllllooo!!! Everrrryyypony!!!!

Here is the last song "Tavi's Brink of Insanity" for the album "Last Memory" You probably aleardy listened to this but, it goes well with the story and the album :) Please enjoy, again! :3

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Bonus Chapter:

Octavia basicully goes insane after Scratch died, but doesn't go insane in public, only alone. She sees Vinyl as a allusion, and basicully the allusion acts like Vinyl. She sometimes appearse in public Vinyl but, only alone. Poor Octavia couldn't handle Vi's death, like I did :( But, she's okay living this kind of life because, to her, Vinyl is still alive in her heart and mind, and still can hug, kiss, and do things together.

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