Cover of track teeth. by rnzr
  • about 7 years ago
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rnzr, teeth.

  • ohyeah!
  • dubstep?

once upon a mouth...

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    Noir Greyson about 1 month ago

    The fact that this was before the heisen existed, or even the Centroid, is incredible.

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      Akimbo about 1 month ago

      Before the Machiniste as well, all the samples in here are programmed directly in the arrangement.

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    / kurp / about 5 months ago

    how have i missed such masterpieces?

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    RocketBox about 8 months ago

    the teeth in the cover look kinda like fingers

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    Zux about 1 year ago

    how tf u listen to this and be like "this makes me think of bloody teeth"

  • User Avatar

    rnzr about 1 year ago