The mind is as far as it is wide.

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  • nice track.

  • I like it, but the the synth starting around :20 sometimes makes me cringe because it's too high and shrill. you know? and around 4:58 . It's absolutely lovely besides that

  • WTH!!!!!! 217 plays?? someone put this on repeat? hahahaha

  • Wow there's a wide variety of sounds on this. Especially I like the way how it ends. Great work Dei.

  • Your melodies are always so fantasy-ish and room filling.... love those drums too!;) Love that synth around 2:22 ... absolutely amazing..... a true space voyage

  • ............. :)

  • well thank you my kind friend :)

  • AWESOME!! instant mp3 download :D very creative track i love the use of the synths!!