first daftburgen track ... have fun!

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  • Trance ;)

  • Aaaaah!!! Trully 3 am song! Xxx

  • wow... thanks for the heads up Tott. Beautiful work.

  • Still nothing on AT can beat this after so many years!

  • Perfection!!!

  • ....still speechless...well not really but c'mon!!!! This is divine! Eatrhshaking! Attack to the trought, in your face, gutted to the soul! Why why!!!! Needs like a thousand more favs! ....what's wrong with ppl these days? & AT records for not publishing this :(

  • Si muchas muy bueno! Comme avantir l'amor e parre no succedo e ceso a una estance esceirda overtar e notche e doche e la t embracer a l univers... Muy bueno!

  • muy bueno,,yo estoy perdido,,,no se como guardar las cosas,,supongo que ya aprendere..muy bueno lo de ustedes

  • Still the best!

  • ohhh it's gets so so good. I was a little unsure with the detune at the beginning, but it works so well when you get into it

  • dat detune

  • Keep it up! 1000favs is the next goal! It deserves it & more!

  • refav,masterpiece!!

  • a 100!!! excellent ;)

  • well 96 is almost 100 so here we are :) i think tott bring back 70 fav just by his own eheh