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  • you can't not be happy after listening to this tbh

  • the happiest song ever produced jfc

  • still the most major sounding song on AT

  • 142 faves what

  • hmmm...I didn't work on this, nor am I credited, but it's still showing up in my tracks. :(

  • Oooh i remember this ! :D I was invited (as Tailmf) but didn't do anything ^^

  • god damn

    this happiness is what i strive for

  • Revisiting.

  • Yo shred is catchin ya up ;)

    jk luv ya

  • Slightly offended I was never invited to this Dx

    I prolly would've messed it up anyhow. XD

  • Nice job

  • Eyy since when has dis had 127 faves? :O

  • i will join i'm trying to go for the $25 or £25 google play gift card

  • ill make a new one

  • make it easier XD or make another one