Juat experimenting here.

Cool song, jace.

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  • 2013??

    holy shit this is fucking insane

  • how come no one told me about this, this is one of the best things ive heard

  • WHAT

  • awesome!!!!

  • re-fav this love the vibe

  • how the F did you drum this?

  • Insane, reminds me of the god aphex such cool vocals later on. This has some feel to it I like it

  • This is fucking amazing. That vocal sample reminds me of Knifehandchop.

  • Listening to TopHat's EP while this plays is kinda neat...

  • Major wow here... And major what just happened here...

  • You need way more attention!

    Nicely done ;) once more!

  • Catchy backing!

  • Catchy backing!

  • great one !!

  • this song sounds like it overdosed on LSD and puked rainbows and thunderbolts. Freaking Genius!