if you want to take a step forward, sometimes

first you have to take a step back

with time any low point can be turned around

after all,

music is personal, and

if you want to make something personal you must

first be a person

which, in itself

is not a simple task

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  • obsessed

  • this is actually so insane

  • How do you person? I don't seem to be one then...

  • getting the warmest tycho vibes ever

  • i need this tonight,

  • how do you make those sounds on a synthesizer? especially 00:35

    I looked in the sample section and found nothing that sounds like 00:35 XD

  • probably make fav song on AT rn

  • memories

  • wow

  • You use white noise to accomplish sounds that I would never think of.

  • woo opaq is back

  • man this really brings me to my "happy place". Probably my favorite song on AT :)

  • Nice one! The sounds are awesome! :)

  • Better work this time.

  • I've favorited this twice now and it still says I haven't. Weird.