This is a song I remixed that I found while browsing Audiotool for something good I could remix, This is most definitely my best remix I have currently made, the bass is a preset and the individual drum hits are samples, everything else (except the synth and pads, vocals, and thunder samples) was done by me.

Thank you to all the contributors (the people who made all these amazing samples/presets that I used) and GrimPanda for this great song.

When I came upon this song, by the user @GrimPanda (This is the first and only song he has made and he published it a year ago) and listened to it, I realized that most definitely have to do something with it, because it has such epic sounding synth and pads, so, I came up with this remix.

I highly encourage you to go checkout the original track, it is called "The Rain" by GrimPanda.

Also, leave a comment about what you think, how I can improve and give it a favorite and download it if you like my remix of the song.

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