In this box, can be anything you like, dare to open? or you torment intrigue, you will not be able to sleep...

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    ssagg. about 5 years ago

    Good work,bro.

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    SKULL KID about 5 years ago

    That intro is super good man, it reminds me of some type of electro 90s song n then the bass wobble is like a new age UK style...with like trap drums...........idk, i just second what @Zone said-lol :P

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    ĐỢℬໂ尺ᗰ∀₦ about 5 years ago

    =) Many thanks - Zone.

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    Zone about 5 years ago

    Pretty wicked :)

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    Lan3 about 5 years ago

    cool rythm i like bro!