Cover of track The Tower  [Approaching Human remix] by Approaching Human
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Approaching Human, The Tower [Approaching Human remix]

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Decided to really challenge myself with this one. First of all FBS and olondro already made a remix for this track and I thought that was going to be a fun challenge to see if I can make a track without making myself look bad.

The real challenge for me though was making a polished remix. most of my remixes are experiments because I learn something and end up trying to figure things out and play around and publish it last-minute. This time I went into it thinking I'll acually try to blend my sound and use my experience. So this is the monster it became. The vocal samples are indeed mine, they would sound better if I used a mic instead of a laptop but I couldn't find what I was looking for in the smaple bank.

Thank you Sandburgen for teaching me so many things It was incredible what I learned.

I think it's mixed well but my ears are also tired.

**Please post comments they help more than anything!**

artwork by my brother at

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    Rodrigo Del Canto about 2 years ago

    Un remix de Sandbrgn Wow!

    Esto si que es un desafío porque ese tipo es un monstruo musical.

    Y te a quedado estupendo. La pista vocal me ha encantado.


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    Approaching Human about 4 years ago

    Thanks Cripta!

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    cripta about 4 years ago

    cool stuff bro !

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    Approaching Human about 4 years ago

    It was really enjoyable! glad to see you're still making music!

  • User Avatar

    sKruhmpshus about 4 years ago

    yeah i know man..but im finally back..just out a track out too if you wanna check it ut