recognizable vocals by @Intracktion thanks for sharing

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  • missed it, not your usual style but agree with the seahorse: so catchy!

  • Yeh, I always like your non-Techno stuff, G1m8:)!

  • lol... funny that you feel terrible...while i don't give a fuck, but thanks for nice words ;)

  • Back for another listen. This song is really catchy...gets under your skin! ;)

  • cool track :)

  • anti-techno :D

  • More anti-techno from cripta, the techno master!

    Love how you are experimenting with different stuff, I love it! :3

  • bella :)

  • so strange to hear this tune from you but its good :)

  • carina sta traccia... secondo me il basso melodico un po' più potente di attacco... bah te che pensi? :)