Cover of track TheRevengeOfDubStep by MrNiceMusicGuy
  • about 6 years ago
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MrNiceMusicGuy, TheRevengeOfDubStep


After my first dubstep with 50% samples (that sucked) i decided to do a new one without samples that i hope i will show my skills a little more...

Please leave a comment, fave or if you have not follow me, then i would be really happy if you did. :D

Hope you enjoy! :)

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    PRIMAL FE4R about 2 years ago

    to much rasselbock

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    eufortia (you for sha) about 4 years ago


    the fuck am i listining to it sounds like my ears are having an orgasm... WAIT MORE BASSSSSSSSSSSs

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    navor about 4 years ago

    refave :)

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    sleepy pony about 4 years ago


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    THREE_6 about 5 years ago