The last MIXing.....

Some correction....

New added tracks....

And the hell knows what....!


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  • 10 months passed? :D

  • This is....a masterpiece! This is just so good the competition ended long ago but I just found this out just now!

  • It felt weird when this didn't win, because I know this is 10x better than mine if you take it out of context.. i know, it just didn't fit in the album that was oriented for djs.. :( maybe this will released on a separate compilation one day.. who knows?

  • Yes. Yes, this IS a track. Just realized that now...

  • Oh yeah !

  • I love you.

  • huge !!

  • ....or maybe this is undercover? Very lovely job, N1m8:)!

  • BEST !

  • amazing!!

  • many likes! Thank to all of you!


    Yes, it´s a kind of cross over of some genres. I did not plan this. It arises out of the working flow.


  • I think about 80 of these plays are mine :)

  • ow so good! super smooth chords sounds

  • unbelievable :)