... This is Just for fun, i know (sounds like crap, and i destroyed the tune, and melody, and.. all.)

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  • refav for this monster ;)

  • Love this RMX

  • perfect balance of dirty and clean.

  • Way better than the original, man!

  • only really listened to this just then. this sure is a beast! love it! true Elia Trix

  • ehehe my friend....we defenitely needs more powerrrrrrr!! but this is a beast anyway !! one of the best...no doubt !!

  • Off course my friend, if my actually RAM let me do.

  • very nice, good job :)

  • Olondro was clever did you read on my wall ? he was looking for something specific if i am right i though he try to help me ....but my remix was alrdy done i should have change the tittle my for( circus of life) he was looking for a pregnant melody....or it was a joke

  • no matter if I do not win, I'm happy, and I owe it to myself to improve this song. and complete other projects here and there ... !

  • Thanks guys. : )

  • To make my work day a little bit more interesting =]

  • apresciate sound of your drums

  • Some really interesting versions for this comp, N1m8:)!

  • awesome trix !!