thank you for 300/400 followers.

i think my producing just gets worse and worse

no, this is not a collab with @Xavi

unfinished because my computer can't take the draft anymore, might finish when HTML5 comes out.

btw, i will be using AT a lot less now because i'm focusing on other DAWs. however, i won't stop listening to the bangers y'all put out on a daily basis :)

remix competition rules:

1. make a bangin track

2. use only vengance samples

3. cannot use audiotool

4. can only publish on hulu

5. must be big room

nah just kidding guys. the only rule is have fun. anything else is your own discretion. song can be any length, any daw, any genre, etc.

due date will be decided soon.

update: i meant to post this years ago, but Inavon won this.

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