This. Is. The. Largest. Collab. On. Audiotool. I want to thank everyone who participated in this, but there are some people who truly went above and beyond in this collab.

@XENON Xenon made the drop. What a boss. That blew me away. Great job bro.

@CallyKay That plucky, harpischord thingy is freaking awesome. Thanks for putting that in here.

@Lambda That one synth at the beginning is freaking awesome! Amazing work! :D

There were also some parts I did enjoy a lot, but no one put their name on it, so I cannot give them credit for it, but anyway, here is a list of all people who participated:

@Ketram @Caldera (is K4vil & Ketram) @Azzect @Igna @al prog @kav @team @heartize (melonade) @DubLion @Ʌlchemist @21St Century(Im leaving READ MY DESC) @ampersand @Lambda @amoeba @CallyKay @XENON @Mr. Speck @(dormant) @Krispy Krome

Thank you all for participating :D

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