For Jace, whom I learned so much from, emotion and music, wish I had stepped up and known him a bit better before he left.


Dag, I done lost all my inspiration

What inspired me now ssems to be tasteless

Taste left in my mouth makes feel sick

Sick to my stomach, need to vomit, quick

I heard your comment, about my heritage

Heritage disrespected straight from the pulpit

False prophets feedin' lies straight to the innocent

Innocent minds, not anymore after you took them

And you wonder why I don't wanna fool with y'all

You suck me dry, I refuse to do this anymore

And you Cristian people, You still rightous?

Of course they don't come, you actin' like this.

This familiar feeling, of regression

These failures, an aniti-progression

Of The flesh, every step a backwards locomotion

Just what I need, curve, some more emotions

I found some of Dad's tapes in the basement

Sounds like broken records playin' head ain't got replacements

Hurts so bad, but still I wouldn't change 'em

Every note I hear, every word leaves me hangin'

Around and around, please don't stop the carousel

If you go away do you know that it won't leave me well?

Lookin' in the mirror it gets really hard to tell

If the persons really me, or if it's someone else

I'm trying so hard just prove something

I'm almost believing all the negetave comments about me

So many clouds I can't hear/see clearly

Clearly my rooms a mess, but yet I can't clean

There's a sky bound zoo in my headroom

If you were here I'd find all the words to say to you

We try so hard to stay young in all that we do

I put my Tophat on, and pray for easy goings straight on through

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