This track is bassed on presets by noraus, Infythusion and Frigolito. Thank you.

Most of the sounds are created using seven Heisenberg synthesizers and crarefully placed notes for the Machiniste. <3

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  • Still good :)

  • Sweet!

  • I remember this...never favorited. Where'd you go, Joa?

  • i love how it goes constructing itself, the sounds are very interesting

  • great music as always joa! love it.

  • very good! great work :)

  • Love the track, my friend :)

  • Great chill atmosphere!!

  • :D I like it.

  • I came here to adjust my eyes from the upside down page.

  • I Really dig this kinda funk that this track seems to possess, Very nice. =)

  • nice man! great job! ;)

  • This sounds great.

  • good sound ! i m new here ! i follow ++

  • you always made awesome stuff joa! fantastic!