attempting to overcome my fear of high frequencies

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  • Lot of mojo here. Hear me tonight i can hear it really nice! Love it

  • Very accurate early 2000s West Coast house sound.

  • ur amazing as always

  • always delivering high quality stuff

  • I absolutely love that bassline

  • Back for the AT Modjo

  • such a cleann mix

  • I love you very much lad, you should know that

  • Are you... talking about me?

  • Superb

    • Thanks Sand! I do think it could be reigned in a touch actually

    • I have to overthink if I really like the clear Sound of the bass synth Or if I would prefer it a little lowpassed. Anyways brilliant and authentic.

  • "attempting to overcome my fear of high frequencies"

    that's where you let the hats and shakers do their work

    • too right, it's just a nasty little habit I have where I shoot for a less bright sound and go way over the mark

  • damn that snapshot so close to being a ray gun xD

  • This is absolutely incredible! Amazing work!

  • dear god