Cover of track Tropic Of Capricorn (W1ckedwolff Chill Dub) by W1ckedwolff
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W1ckedwolff, Tropic Of Capricorn (W1ckedwolff Chill Dub)


This song was already so amazing, there wasn't much to do with it. IK this was posted 20 mins or so ago, but it really hit me right. A little known secret, I LOVE slow and chill music, and this is the best I've heard. Big shoutout to celery, he is a true mastermind. Here is the original comment, I had to keep it, it was very well written. :)

the tropic of capricorn is the southernmost point that the sun can be directly ovehead due to earth's shape. this song reflects what introspective feelings coastal people get as the walk their shores. the beachiness of the water and sand mixed with the coolness of the area

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