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Here's the sixth song "True Wub" for the album "Final Memory". This song consists of, a piano, sub bass, and a synth. Enjoy!

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Wub on!

Chapter Sixth:

We find Octavia making pancakes in the kitchen, while the other mare sleeps on the couch in the living room. Octavia hears the mare get up and walking to the kitchen. Their eyes meet, and the mare (Vinyl Scratch) asks what happened. Octavia explained what happened and who she is, and Vinyls response was very thankful and joked how it was a "romantic" move. They both sat down and ate, while chatting about. When they finished, Vinyl had to leave, but asked if she can come visit sometime. Octavia gladly said yes. Days, months, and years have now been gone and, through the days, months, years, Vinyl visited Octavia, became good friends with Vinyl, which turned into them dating and being together. This was the thing Octavia was missing.

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