always a pleasure being carried by heis <3

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  • Hm... strange return tbh

  • If some random person made this who had no following this would get shat on. But bc its nico and hiesen everything that weird and bad abt this is deemed 'on purpose' and a cool new that whole intro is just out of key and painful to listen to. That build/transition makes no, nothing about that intro said 'chiptune switch' yet here we are listening to chiptune right after a build that seemed to be heading towards dnb...i dont understand how this is getting all this love...

    • what?! the chiptune is the best part!

    • you don’t approve of my chiptune sonatina? 🥺 tragic

      ( thanks for the kind words regardless!)

    • yeah i admit things get a bit iffy halfway, but i still enjoy listening to the first two minutes on a whole bunch of levels

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  • still loving this to this day idc what y'all blokes say

    this is full on expressionism in AT form right here and bad or not, it's pleasing to my very conflicting ears xd

  • Every time I think of this track I can't stop myself from looking it up and listening, and every time I start listening I listen to it all the way through, usually two or three times.

    Track so good you got me using proper capitalization. Goddamn.

    • seriously appreciate it <3

    • Every single melody (including the atonal ones) is so insanely catchy, this remains one of my all-time favorite tracks on audiotool.

  • i actually have a serious unhealthy addiction to this track lol

  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

  • this is one of those beats that needs no explanation for anything and it's awesome

  • didn't express enough in my original comment how fucking good this track is. it's so insanely intricate and meticulous while still being incredibly chaotic. this track feels so unfiltered and just like pure artistic expression. i swear i want to be this song when i grow up.

  • unrelated but my eye bags now have not only grey but red as well from irritation i guess

    • much love

    • thank you sorry about your eye bags. hope my lil sonatina is late-romantic period enough for you :)

    • oh yeah and also unbelievably fucking good track bois

  • I feel like listning to zappa, you never know wat's next:~)

  • do deaf people hear this when they see some dude yawn

    • Its also why DID exists. The person creates multiple personalities to survive the stressful situations they are dealing with

    • that's so interesting—is that why there are so many blind musicians? like when you go blind or are born blind your brain routes some of that grey matter towards other senses? it's seriously crazy how flexible the brain is! also today i learned (from the dancing wu li masters - gary zukav) that the human eye can detect a single photon. a ~single~ photon. how fucking insane is that???

    • Don't know if this is really on topic or not, but from what I understand about the brain from learning a bit about brain damage, it's that the brain will essentially rewire itself, in a sense, to find a way to function. There's no telling what kind of stuff could develop in different circumstances to help a creature survive as far as evolutionary developments are concerned.

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  • I'm sorry heissen x dove, I'm in love with a different collab now

  • the best part for me is the wide chords at about 00:16

  • some really naughty dissonance in this, very cool

  • loooove