I can't finish this

because i have too many things going on at the moment

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  • I have no idea why I have not followed you until now wtfffff

    • You're literally amazing retro wtf dude

  • gotdamn

  • this isn't unfinished

  • woah holy shit

  • Reminds me of Mr. Bill. Zany, yet chill. I dig it.

  • This is weird, but sounds really good bro

  • ...christ, you're good. ._.

  • this makes me in a very good mood

    • i like to hear that :) thanks man

  • sooo bubbly i love it i imagine abunch of shibas taking abubble bath and then the end is them wrapped up cozy in a robe relaxing next to the fire

  • uhhhHHH fuck

    • um thank you... i think :)

  • brilliant

    • :D thanks

      i just felt like it would be funny to add some weird sound

    • the uäh things are insane

    • Thank you man <3

      glad you like it :)

  • this aint my type of music but i respect hard work keep it up

    • thanks man :)

      i respect your honest comment

      i mean everyone has their own style of music

      and everybody likes different stuff that just makes it more interesting i think :)

  • holy shit this blew up pretty quick

    Thank you guys so much for all the nice feedback <3 :)

  • you will blow up soon

  • jeez this is tight man, you're progressing so rapidly its nuts

    • thank you so much man <3

      I'm always trying new techniques to improve myself :)