please listen all the way through we promise it's a good track

honestly i think everyone contributed quite a bit individually, and that this was quite the amazing team effort fr

shoutout to everyone who helped make this, go check them out and show em some love if you haven't already


Time Stamps:

0:00 - Intro / Bass House

0:36 - Penis Music

0:54 - Hardcore

1:11 - Hip Hop

1:56 - Jersey Club

2:10 - Trap

3:46 - Drumstep

4:09 - Industrial

4:42 - Ambient

5:41 - Cocknoise

7:19 - Drum & Bass

8:03 - Festival House

9:04 - Soundtrack

10:08 - Chiptune (Waltz)

10:40 - Classical (Circus Waltz Opera)


This track was created by several notable and respected soldiers who were [REDACTED] in the process of fighting evil:

@etterath | Production

@Gravidon (and his alts) | Production / Cover Art

@3ZE | Production / Vocals

@sphere | Emotional Support / [REDACTED]

@Vizil | Penis Music / Magnum dong / Succ / DICK / C o u n t r y

@TJ the Mom Treater | Ghost Writer / Yo' That Sh** Slapped

@pigpen | Production

@✧*laevent ✧* | Production / Cocknoise / Album art

@leadenshrew | Ideas / [REDACTED] / Batman


These mfs didn't get [REDACTED] but they wanted in so:

@kiari | Production / Opera

@XculE | Production / Anime

@po9t | Production / Vocals

@1trillionMPH | Production

@Zerod | Tractor Chant


Track Breakdown: (who did what)

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  • oh my balls this is good

  • Penis music vs Cocknoise please someone explain

    • vvvvv Oxford Dictionary approved vvvvv

    • Penis Music Is Music That Contains Weird Sounds & Cocknoise Contains Sounds From Memes (Including Ones From Tiktok).

    • I never thought about that.

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  • man yall must have fried your pcs (or laptops but those would fry extra )

  • hold up im making part 2

  • there will never be a muted 2, that is all have a nice day

    • how idiotic of me i would like to apologize for the sequence of events that had happened on on the 16th of November 2022

    • no ty

    • it wont be grimebot them

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  • there was a context and backstory to muted guys

    for there to be a sequel there would have to be a similar event to prompt it, and that hasn't really happened

  • hollup this is a vizil poet collab

  • if Muted 2 ever becomes a thing, lemme know, and i'll do acoustic

    • think im fuckin playing, i somone in audiotool deserves to be the target to muted 2, tell me

    • ill do hyperpop

    • I've been really into UK Garage lately, so I'd be down to do a section on that. :))))))

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  • Refav

  • draft is uhhhhh


  • wtf is this... xD

    • so many great explicities to choose from... i cant choose between cock noise and the chiptune waltz

    • facts

    • an instant classic

  • emotional support is not my forte

  • Deffo best track of 2021

  • nice

  • song of the year award goes to: