Inspired a lot by "Ring of Life" - P. Metheny/B. Mehldau.

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  • Fast drums with a creative Jazz piano feeling.

  • Just for reference purposes; this song was featured the day I joined audiotool.

    I think it held up pretty well.

  • Hey! You took my idea of having a BASS!

  • man this is cool! check out my latest, power surge, comment and follow plz

  • Love it!

  • Très bon, j'aime bien ce jeu à la batterie.

  • Thanks @rnzr and @the Silence, much appreciated !

    @Aftershok : the tonematrix bit is only here to fill some "holes" (only 2, actually), just some chord completion. Using it more would have been too much in my opinion : )

  • Very Good!!!!!

  • Versus: Why didn't u put all the chords on the tonematrix?

  • chilled and twisted. love it!

  • Crikey! a main feature really gets the number of listens up! g1! :)

  • @Noir ; My first intention was a piano, but I can't record this properly, and the sound I get from my keyboard is a bit disappointing. Still i like it that way :)

  • Lucols97 most likely doesn't play or listen to Metheny XD. Anyway, I like this, very experimental, but also familiar. Fusion and DnB sorta go hand-in-hand. A good track. By he way, I love the rhodes, but you should post something that isn't so distorted!

  • nor musical... discordant

  • Amen break works all the time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!