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  • refav

  • super awesome track man:)

  • oh wow!

  • awesome groove

  • very very very gooooood, tottenhauser :)

  • Republished

    Added some vocals at the end... still struggling to add stuff :(

  • Oh, thought i knew that spring reverb sound :). Perfect sound design and composition!

  • Thx! i'll remix this one & make it another subtitled entry. Just have some patience. Kids & work & the wife & procrastination you know...

  • XD very inspirational music that brings new ideas to the table great song :D very minimal and love the synthy pad its cool

  • :) thx seahorse! Makes my day!

  • It's songs like this that inspire me to make music. Excellent track, man!!!

  • Thanks for the comments & listens mates. It sure needs a lot of more work & idontknowwhat. But I'll get there eventually. If not here maybe in a remix. I allready miss the appergiator ;) but let's try to finish this one without it or try to emulate it & make that reese roar some more ;)

  • Im such a fan of ur percs. Love the sub in this too. And i think the outro is very well made. With the high note ...

  • Nice :) needs amen tho ;)

  • great minimal sound. really groovy :D