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Tomo M, Uprising Remix Contest (Vocals by Melissa Pixel)


Hey guys I am back With Another remix Contest!

I made this one very simple so that ANYone can open and remix this track even with a slow CPU


This is not a finished track but it includes everyting you need to Remix and or Finish it :)

# Included in this remix pack are:

1. Music cuts that I created in Ableton with all the Corresponding midi Sequences Labeled and color coded so you can remix with your own BPM, Sound Design, and synths if you wish

2. Acapella Professional vocals By Melissa Pixel


1. Use the vocals in some way even if its just small cuts

2. Remix this track in ANY GENRE by feb 1st

3. Keep the title the same

4. respect CC if you use samples

5. Outside Daws are permitted but i highly suggest using some of audiotools tools in respect to audiotool.

6. Track must be published as a remix if this track on Audio tool all other tracks will not be considered.


A Box of assorted liquer filled gourmet chocolates

A feature on my SC page

A repub on my main Audiotool page

Props from the entire Audiotool community for doing a great jerb


The winning Song will be listed as a Collab between you, myself, and melissa pixel when it is submitted to promo orginizations (pending the approval of the winner , Mellissa and Myself.)

Have fun remixing this and merry christmas! for those of you who celebrate it.

Contest Update:

Melissa Will be judging the contest with me and the top tracks will be made into an AT album.

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