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A feature on my SC page

A repub on my main Audiotool page

Props from the entire Audiotool community for doing a great jerb


The winning Song will be listed as a Collab between you, myself, and melissa pixel when it is submitted to promo orginizations (pending the approval of the winner , Mellissa and Myself.)

Contest Update:

Melissa Will be judging the contest with me and the top tracks will be made into an AT album.


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  • This was the best remix competition I can remember!

    Thanks Uprising and Melissa Pixel

  • Opennn itttt, I want to mess with the vocalssssss

  • Yo,I just wann mix the vocals, man. XD

  • I wanna mix it for fun :D

  • no remix button lol looking for a reupload


  • What was the actual name of this track? I wanna put my remix in an album

  • infyusion made a remix.

  • PLEASE REOPEN FOR REMIXING!!! I know the contest is closed but I have some awesome ideas for this song.

  • Damn she's a good singer!

  • god i would kill to remix this even if it isnt for judging as it is i may have to cheat and use a line in recorder but that would fail so miserably...please open it back up?

  • hi uprising ik im really really late for asking this but can i remix this no for the contest but just for the fun of it ive been away for far to long and i need to refresh my skills. if not its okay.

  • Hey Uprising, since i actually worked hard and yeah, i think my track is very nice, and i'd like to publish it on my soundcloud and on my youtube, but i dont think ''Uprising Remix Contest'' is a name for a track :p so yeah I was just wondering if I could just rename it? it would looks like ''Uprising & Melissa Pixel - I Will Know (Azzect Remix)'' so yeah, answer me! :)

  • ... @Pathfinder , it was just an image I had , wasnt meant negativ...