I'm hurt but I'm not down. I feel your hands and I know your sound. And I'm afraid cause I know you're real and you won't be swayed.

Gotta get you back in the grave.

Just call on me before you're gone. I hear your sound; I know what's wrong.

You will receive no mercy. I'll cut you down. Look what you have done to me. I know your sound.

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  • Man that skye bitch needs to go

    • I just kinda assumed that y'all would naturally assume possession. It's not some really obscure idea. Got an exorcist to take care of it. Always good to accept help!

    • We will never know

    • What the fuck, so wait, how did she take over you then, cuz i remember that shit, i was boutta get a whole bible lmao

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  • dude im in class were using this and im not doing anything just playing this song over and over again omg dude i love this.

  • Oh my god naswalt.

    This is superb

  • i think i'm going to remix

  • Bruh, Bruh, Bruh.

    Just get on the radio already pls, hearing your voice every morning otw to the job would make every day a good day tbh.

    • I actually don't think I can tell because of branding agreements. Let me say that my personality and art don't necessarily represent the radio station I work with. I'll put up some recordings some time of days where I messed up pretty bad when I was live on air.

    • frr i wanna know dude

    • But where

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  • Is that a republish I hear???

  • i love this song! keep going strong! <3

  • Gives me some neon Indian vibes. This is really good

  • naswalt is a whole genre of music in it's own right

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  • This is really unique

  • One of my personal favorites from AT since I've joined, and one of the things I will show people if they have any doubts about AT being able to be used beyond learning music or as just a hobby project.

    also, b a s s

    • I've dabbled with other DAWs, but I hated the workflow of all the ones I tried. I'm just not a huge fan of the "pick stuff to link from a list", it just doesn't work for me.

    • Audiotool has meyfavourite layout and workflow out of all of the DAWs I've messed with. It's like if reason wasn't a messy nightmare

  • very cool :)

  • сool track, i like it)

  • Fs remixing

  • bass playing is very davie504-like minus the SLAPP

    and your voice is so fucking sexy dude please never stop adding vocals to your songs

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