It seems like future bass is hated just as much as it's loved but idk, I hear a lot of people saying that Future Bass is all just the same old generic crap, so I wanted to try to make something that sounded a lil abstract.

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  • you know I really used to hate this track, but damn man I get it now

  • jet bass

  • listening back to this

    hot diggity dang of VSDC video editors

    this really stands as the most creative future bass track I've ever had the pleasure to listen to

    legit no other future bass track i listen to can top this lol

  • refav

  • This embarrasses the entire future bass genre

    • Also, read the description, @Kole Zuh . Jetdarc said the point of this is to be "a lil abstract" so its going to be a little bit experimental, but still have those future bass parts to it.

    • the surprise drops are especially great, i never expect them and they really add something to this track that sets it apart. I know a lot of tracks have surprising drops, but a lot fo the do it the same. this is one of those rare ones that really did the trick for me. great job @Jetdarc

    • there's something about the track that makes me come back to it more than any other future bass track honestly

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  • i remember listening to this on my noahb account... still a bop

    does this mean i technically liked it twice??? if i did, im glad

  • i always saw this but i just never clicked play. i now regret.

  • how did you get this to get on the charts again after a year

  • yeah I can hear the personal masterpiece in this

  • whaat

  • I wish I could download this, I don't want it to be lost lmao

  • tbh I think this is my best track I've ever created so far

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  • Ngl this is kinda somthing i could play doom eternal to, keep up the good work jetdarc

  • woaah

  • Hawt