my description sucks

Art by Joel Filipe:

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  • coming back to this im still trying to mentally comprehend your thought process of making this goodness.................. dang... man...

  • woah

  • this is what you hear when you snort printer toner

  • currently vibing in sirius rn listening to this again thanks mate

  • holly DAIMMMMMM my 2 creations are NOTHING whit this , (im a beginner) This is epic

  • 180 bpm, yet the beat is slow.. What's the time sign?

    • o.

    • so the bpm is really 90

    • 4/4, sometimes i make the bpm fast but end up changing my mind and want the beat to be slow, and then i'd go and make slower stuff in the same bpm lol

  • 10/10

  • mom, please tell me why our house is floating in the middle of space ?, ahh, the music ...

    • this comment, this comment right here XD

  • why isn't this getting more attention

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  • Still probably my favourite song of yours, theres something that bugs me about that glitchy lead in the beginning but idk, prolly just me, might be the highs?

    Everything else is crisp and unique as fuck though!

  • Republished


  • jesus this is good

  • what the dog

    • i need to make more experimental stuff

  • So cool!

  • very interesting