Had a really hard time this year and i thought i wasn't even able to finish this track ... It really reflects my love and pain at the same time.

My own little star still shines on me every day ...

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  • Very nice

  • Really beautiful trim, warm sumptuous sounds ;)


  • i still love this track so much

  • Wow! You captured so much emotion in this one. The middle transition and built are just perfect.

  • After we talked about this in depth a long time ago, I continue listening to this as much as I can as it gives me a reason to keep pushing forward. Just like you did. You are inspiring in more ways than just a musical level and I hope you always remember that.

    • I'm really glad to hear that <3

    • I know man. But for the moment all is pretty well :)

    • Well I am always open to chat with you. You have my facebook and are more than welcome to contact me at any time if you ever need anything, seriously.

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  • whats wrong bro

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  • you good, man?

    also, great work on this

    • Yes all is fine again. Thx for the support.

  • :( <3

  • <3 <3 <3

  • i like it because itr feels real

  • idk, i think that its bc im more used to the bass in ur face from u, that i dont like it that much, the atmo is rlly nice, dont get me wrong, but id like to hear more variation and more stuff happening in general...hope all is getting better for u personally too!

  • oops forgot to fav, sorry man

    • Favs aren't that important mate. Ur support is way more welcome <3

  • thx everyone for the nice words ...

  • beautiful!