Not sure what this is but it was done on a 8 year old vista laptop that sucks balls so fairly limited hope you enjoy ;)

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  • Yeah....Hehe,,Nice one AL!! ;)

  • :P you know this came up when i was listening to AT radio. AWOOoooooOOOO. go roo.

  • Nice one @ssagg i'm still struggling with a weak pc so a lot of my stuffs kinda basic,thanks ;)

  • Nice one.

  • Nice one Mikke!! XD i try to do something different each track! :))

  • wow strange... and unusual.............. i like it ! :)

  • i ended up with my lovely dog vimto though so all good!!! texas....and fuerals...and whisky!!!.....

  • makes me wish someone would AT remake 99 problems but a B*tch ain't 1

  • ex took my good one,she pee'd on my carpet,,,and shot my horse....and things are going....from bad to worse!!!

  • Vista... bleh...

  • ahhhh,thankyou my dear..wasn;t gonna say anything! XD......i'm on vista!!!

  • I wanted to fave this earlier but my comp was being a suck ball lame face...

    this makes me want to get into a school yard rumble :)