After the dream, You learn of Cor Caroli -- one of the commanders of the astral plane. You also learn that he is responsible for the rise in difficulty in your journey, and that eventually, you will have to face him.


Cor Caroli appears to have a humanoid body that also resembles the common 5 side shape of a star. His hair has 2 spikes on both sides of his head that point diagonally upward, and one larger spike on top that points directly upward. There are jets of plasma on the left and right side of the area near his ankles, and upper arms. He has a slash that literally cuts his entire body from itself, and although you don't know what it is, there seems to be a reason behind it. In this form, Cor Caroli usually shines too brightly for you to see his clothing and more detailed features. He is also juuust a bit on the short side.


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