ambient tape loop stuff.


this was really interesting to make. Each of the three "reels" delays the signal a set amount and feed it back into the loop, while erosion and randomized effects slowly build up over time.


The timeline only consists of one note track with a handful of notes, some ambience, and a master fade automation.

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  • to reflect

    to briefly look back at your past mistakes

    then quickly move on to the next chapter of your life

    these are the vibes on this one in my opinion

    • thank you for taking the time to say a few words about all of the tracks. I greatly appreciate that :)

  • Republished

    final mix

  • oh wow

  • noice noice noice. i love the feeling. and the way you kept the same progression but added on top of it

  • super beautiful! hearing your process/method reminds me how similar audiotool's interface is to modular audio programming languages like max/msp and pd. you're definitely taking advantage of that in a really cool and powerful way!!

    • thank you! I've been wanting to look at puredata for a while, but audiotool still has some unrealized potential for me. Always fun to learn new techniques!

  • loooooove

  • amazing, i love every second :)

  • wow man, beautiful <333