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  • these sounds are vibrating life so much, that i wish i could hug them

  • Love these gosh darn drums. They vibe really well with the synths and pads. Deserved to be at #1. KEEP AT IT!!!!!!!!

  • Crazy beautiful

  • 🥰🥰🥰

  • I love the reversed samples

  • gorgeous as always

  • im completely friggin estatic to see you posting so often

  • OMG hell yes

  • congrats on the singles! well deserved! <3

  • there is tension and confort in this music, very beautiful music indeed :~)

  • the attention to detail is absurd

    so organic

  • I'm so glad you're releasing music on a regular basis again

    • emotions you clearly convey in a way no other has

      never stop

    • AT is my emotional landfill

      no rhyme or reason to it

      ty for the love throughout the years

  • cozy vibes:) beautiful stuff as always

  • Nice

  • thank you both~

    finding myself again