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Inavon, Voices Demonstration


Here I demonstrate the polyphony of the Pulverisateur and Heisenberg.

I first demonstrate that the Pulverisateur has 8 voice polyphony: I play 8 notes and add more on top of them. As I add notes, the oldest ones disappear. If I play 9 notes all at the same time, the bottom one disappears. Age has higher precedence than MIDI number in terms of polyphony.

I then show using the same method that Heisenberg has 16 voice polyphony.

When Heisenberg unisono is set to 4, each note uses 4 voices. That means only 4 notes can be played at a time.

When unisono is set to 3, up to 5 full notes can be played (15 voices). That leaves one more voice, which means that the next added note will only have one of its voices played (the highest one).

With Pulverisateur set to mono, only one note can be played at a time, meaning that long releases will be cut off. Notes with 0 velocity can be used to cut notes off.

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