Just caught a stray cat and there's not much help I can do for her. Glad I could help for the past few days at least, but it's always sobering and disappointing when your efforts to help don't play out.

(I'll have cover art for this tomorrow)

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  • meow

  • nah this is sickkkk, im glad da kitty isn't tho 🙌


  • the cat defo vibing to this banger dude 🔥🥶

    also I love the background singing and guitar

    • well JAA

    • got the cat some medicine, spayed her and then released her back into the woods around my apartment. I think the cat hates us lol

  • love the effect on the vocals

    • the song is stuck in my head, good job ;-)

  • Very nice

  • Republished

    album art

  • just give us a Chance 😭