Well, Vulk and I are releasing tracks faster then changing socks! xD

I enjoyed making this track with Vulkron, I had lots of fun with making the melody. Vulkron is a legend when it comes to making a great intro! I hope you guys will enjoy this masterpiece that we made and don't forget to tell your friends about it :D - Sub4sax


Hats off to this nigga, he got some great ideas and he fun to work with ;D (and reminds me to work on the track XD)

Lmao, but in all seriousness this dood is so fun to work with. He's got ideas that keep me on my toes, and you really never get bored when you work with him :D. He'll annoy the fuck outta you until you work on the track, which I don't mind, cuz Ive always needed something like that in my life XD

ily there's so much more music I wanna make with you m8, I really had fun with this one :)

Enjoy Vulkronites! :D

- Vulkron


(Vulky sidenote, kinda wanna crit my own shit because I dont feel like tryin to make it better rn lmao XD. Majority of the transitions in this song suck, Sound design is good as always, cuz *chuckle* you know me when it comes to that kinda stuff XD, Volume control isnt the best, but its better than most of my stuff. Please excuse the outro as there really is none. If there's anything else, let me know and I may or may not fix it xD

Thats it, Enjoy :D)

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